Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The beginning...

...well Larissa to be exact, and I am 19yrs old (20 in September).
I am currently trying to mend a broken heart, so thought it would be good to get my thoughts out of my head and into something else, therefore this is the beginning of my blogging life to try and heal my pain. I have followed and obsessed over blogs for years so why not make my own?

I dream of running away from everything and moving to New York to be the next Carrie Bradshaw and write about relationships, because at a young age..I have experienced the best, and the very worst of them.
I watch Sex and the City religiously, I am the biggest fan. I went to New York in April and it was sooo amazing. But now back to reality of working and partying and I am struggling a bit.

Also last week my computer just all of a sudden CRASHED so I find out today whether I lost allllll my photos (seeing as I dont back up). I am so upset that I could possibly have lost all my photos from my New York trip and especially all my photos of me and my ex.

My current aims are:
1. To either get him back or get over him!!!!! ASAP
2. Go to the gym way more and loose this excess weight
3. Cover my walls in magazine collages (will post some photos of my progress so far)
4. Stop getting ridiculously intoxicated on the weekends and having to have a hangover for the rest of the week
5. Save save save! I have now paid off all my debts, but want to start saving again for my holiday to LA and Vegas in October and Bali in November/December

I will post my thoughts/feelings, photos and just anything that comes to me
Let me also know if you have any thoughts or advice for me from my posts or stories of your own I would be happy to hear!

Me and the Statue of Liberty

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