Saturday, September 5, 2009

Disappearing act?

Hi Guys!

I havent posted in agessss, Ive been way too lazy.
So I thought I would do one big post and fill you in on whats been happening.

I attended the Nookie Fashion Parade and it was awesome, and made me and the girls really depressed looking at the models in their bikinis. Note to self: MUST start starving myself for summer (right, never going to happen). So we just drank way too many free cocktails and took ridiculous photos and stole way too many free gift bags and pool toys!

One weekend we went on an adventure to Manly for a 21st, and then another weekend another 21st which turned into a massive bender, resulting in laying in hammocks, stealing disco balls from the club and playing dressups!

I also had my birthday on Sunday 6 September, and turned 20, wow getting old grandma. Had so so so much fun partying on Saturday night. However was very upset that my ex couldnt even contact me to wish me happy birthday, we talk so often but then when the weekend comes he disappears. Anyway YAYYYY I LOVE BIRTHDAYS :)

As far as purchases go, well...I have bought heaps and must get into taking photos. I just bought the coolest fuji camera with my birthday money so will have to start now now now!
Hmmmm here is the list of some new things I have gotten/in love with at the moment:
1. I got some lovely big shabby chic vernishian heart mirrors for my room, going to make a feature wall filled with different size/shape vernishian mirrors.
2. 'Joy' jewellery, not sure if you have herd of it, and if you havent you MUST google, its amazing and I got lots and lots. Totally obsessed.
3. Rings, way too many big rings added to my collection.
4. Tie Dye denim shorties for summer.
5. Lots of great new clothes, now in need of cleaning out the old clothes in my wardrobe so I can fit the new. Noooooo.

Ok to sum up my life in the past HUGE party!

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  1. hi there! lovely blog ;) I just saw a comment from a while back....I am so sorry I did not respond. There was a large black and white picture of New York in one of my pics and it was from IKEA. Hope you have IKEA near you :)