Wednesday, February 17, 2010


New Years Resolution: Give my blog some lovin'!

OK, well I am off to a slow start with my new years resolution (exactly 1.5 months late in take off) but hey as the saying goes 'better late then never' right....right???? OK yes I am slack.

BUT get excited because since my last post in September (god scary how time flys) I have been stalking, saving, collecting and taking up space in my precious hard drive with photos photos photos!!!

Want to know a run down on what has been happening since september? No?! Well I am going to tell you anyway.

We have gone through a whole season, and probably the best season of all - SUMMER! It was all about the denim shorts - cut off, ripped, studded...lets just say - ultered! t'd with a midriff top or a baggy low hanging singlet and a crop top underneath. The ultimate hotness of the denim shorts are they are perfect to be worn with a pair of little grunge boots. my favy! now if only i had the legs...and the money to get my hands on a pair!

She came to Australia, She sang in Australia, and I BLOODY MISSED HER IN AUSTRALIA!!!!
yes I did not get tickets in time, and I am still kicking myself about it!

I come from a family with a singing background. Unfortunately, I lucked out in the good genes and didnt get a singing voice by all means but I can do a pretty good country voice, however, I should get credit for trying with my singing and teaching myself how to play guitar. Here's to hoping I will be the next Taylor Swift - what shall we call it? "Fearless???"

Boys; there are many words I have for them, but I will just use my fave - DERRICKS!
My ex, who I first made this blog over when I was a sad, depressed, bed ridden human being (hey, some days I can still describe myself like that) has still been hanging on the scene. It has been 1 whole year since break up on the 1st of March. There are couples EVERYWHERE at the moment and they are making me S-I-C-K! until, I met a really nice boy who I thought maybe I can start trusting boys again - 1 month on, turns out, no not working out and new bf = derrick. So back to the single girl who sticks her fingers down her throat everytime she walks past a loved up couple in public *VOMIT* (to be honest, I am actually couple obsessed and love to obsess over cuteness of people in love, although I am not whilst single!)

Lets just whip out a 'He's Just Not That Into You' quote right now shall we? Na I will just post some cute, loved up couple photos so all you single gals out there can vomit with me!

I have many of dreams of travel destinations that I want to make it to this year. In November I went to Bali and had a blast partying for two weeks, but now I am looking at something, lets just say more....high class! Think New York (AGAIN!!!! definately going to live there one day), LA, Europe...the list goes on :)

Finally, my bff made a blog and its A-MAZING! its all about fashion and she knows the in's and out's of it.
Check it out:

This time I will try stick to my resolution and post more often! (hoping this new years resolution lasts longer then my diets do!)

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