Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mundane day.

Just another boring day at work, and feeling pretty ill, possibly coming down with something???

Heaps disappointed in myself this week. I totally have been brushing exercising and eating like a pig so putting on more weight. Bad food soothes the crackled heart unfortunately, but it does make you feel worse afterwards. Especially after style stalking, I continuously tell myself "diet starts on Monday!"...yeah...right!

Im seeing the ex today so we can try and discuss some things in person instead of fighting through text messages and the phone. Hopefully I get the answers to some questions I have, and he tells me the honest truth because I dont know if I trust him anymore because of the stuff I keep finding out through gossipers and also facebook (oh life was so less painful before facebook). I was running the other day and he rang me and asked what I was up too, turns out he saw me running because he then pulled up next to me. He looked so hot on his bike and couldnt stop hugging me.

I miss him so much. Oh the games boy play!

Then tonight I will go late night shopping to make me feel better after what will be a painful, most likely water works and scream fest.

I think I am going to need to get my feet amputated because they are not getting any fresh air through these knee high boots, I wear them literally every day I may as well sleep in them...mmmm they are like slippers but.

I cant wait, my parents have been discussing a trip to LA and Vegas in October. I am soooo excited. Think I will literally stalk Lauren Conrad even though shes not in the Hills anymore but I am absolutely obsessed with her. And Stephanie Pratt lately, shes looking suprisingly less tacky and quite pretty. Cant forget Heidi and Spencer, my ultimate celebrity couple obsession, even though their PDA makes me sick now that Im not in a relationship. Oh and Lindsay Lohan who has taken over my obsession of Paris Hilton. Most people dont like her for the reason she is pretty much just total trash, but she still somehow manages to make you be intrigued with her looks and quite like her. I cant stop net stalking her. Does anyone know what her new tattoos along the inside of her arm say?

Ok I will stop talking to myself now.


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