Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Webcam come back?

HAHAHAHA...well I am laughing at these photos your about to see. They are from about a year ago and go back to about 2 years before that, when I was younger and about 1000kilos lighter (so I am slightly depressed now and am motivated to really loose weight). All hilariousness aside, I have decided I am going to start to give the webcam abit of a workout again after some long time neglect, aiming at outfits this time, not funny faces!


  1. hahaha LOLzzz those are really funny!

    but the best thing of all is the kitty webcam, how cute is that!! I wish I had one :(
    you´re really pretty Bradshaw ;)

  2. ı loved it:) you'R so fun...and your like a lady gaga pictures so funny...also cupcake pictures omg! ı want all them :)