Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Bedroom

Ok I took a few photos to show you how much effort I put into my magazine collages for my wall, and also what a perfectionist and clean freak I am.
I am really into Shabby Sheike/Chic, and my bedroom has a slight SS/SC theme to it.
I have so much jewellery that I get from shops/markets. I am a massive bargain hunter and go to the markets religiously every weekend. Rings are my ultimate favourite.

I hope you enjoy a peek into my life behind closed doors :) If you wish to see more I will do another post as decorating my room is my pride and joy haha!

**Click on the photos to make them bigger.



  1. haha that doggy is cuteness! how much jewellery do you own!!!???? that´s quite impressive :O

    your bedroom is lovely!

  2. i am completely in awe of your jewellery! and how it is displayed is amaze!